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Solo option includes two forty five minute sets of Dylan acoustic classics from each era of his career.




Our Band option features two fifty minute sets of Dylan classics from each era of his career played by a five piece band.



Please tell us the date and type of event and the location. We look forward to hearing from you!



Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you play anywhere in the country?


Yes! We calculate our travel charge as follows: First 50 miles free, then £1 per mile thereafter (round trip). Over 125 miles bed and breakfast accommodation must be provided or £200 contribution. Mr Tambourine Man is based in Melksham, Wiltshire.


  • How many hours of your time does your fee include?


Our fee includes a maximum of six hours of our time at the venue including one and half hours for setting up our gear and getting changed (one hour for Solo option) and one hour for breaking down our equipment after the performance finishes (45 minutes for Solo option). This time can be extended for an additional fee of £100 per hour.


  • What do I need to provide for the band?


We're very easily pleased and simply ask for a secure room where we can get changed and leave our valuables, and a meal and drinks for five people (one for Solo option!) to be provided.


  • How much space do you guys need?


Generally speaking, an area 3 metres deep by 6 metres wide is ideal for the Band option, but we have been known to squeeze into smaller spaces! The Solo option requires less space, obviously, and a smaller PA system is used.


  • Do you bring your own gear?


We provide a self-contained service including a PAT tested PA system (suitable for up to approximately 250 people) and disco lighting. For larger venues a bigger PA can be hired for an additional fee. For Solo shows, a smaller PA is used.


  • Anything else I need to know?


We possesses £10m Public Liability Insurance.

Please note that with the Band option we cannot perform at venues where a sound limiter is in use.


If you wish to proceed, subject to availability, we will send you a booking agreement drawn up in conjunction with the Musician's Union. We ask for a 15% deposit paid at the time of booking with the balance paid in cash on the day of the event (prior to the performance) or by cleared cheque funds/bank transfer prior to the date of the event.